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Have you ever walked into a butchers shop and felt a bit confused about what to cook? Do you always end up cooking the same thing? Local farmer, butcher and bacon curer, Puddledub, are on a mission to put an end to mealtime monotony with their online masterclass ‘In the Kitchen with Puddledub’.

Tom Mitchell from Puddledub said ‘We often get asked how we would cook our products, especially as more people have ventured into their kitchens this year. I think I can speak for all our butchers when I say that they love to share their passion about how they would cook their favourite cuts, which our customers make the most of in our Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline stores. However for online customers, this is slightly trickier, we needed to come up with a way of being able to share our collective knowledge with them and that’s how ‘In The Kitchen with Puddledub’ was born.’

Tom who knows a thing or two about farming high welfare pigs but not so much about sautéing, will be joined by in-house chef Graham who will give viewers a masterclass in how to cook up a delicious dinner in real-time from their own kitchen.

When asked about why Puddledub decided to film on the farm, in the straw shed, Tom added ‘It just made sense. We do everything on the farm, from breeding and rearing our pigs, to curing and smoking our bacon. It is a real farm to fork operation.’

Puddledub will be launching their masterclass online this Saturday 24th April and it will be available to watch when you are ready to cook.