Youth Opportunities

Find out more about careers in food, drink, farming and hospitality. These dynamic industries are some of the biggest in Scotland and represent exciting places to build a career for those with a diverse variety of backgrounds.  Teachers and pupils alike will find the information contained in the videos and links below inspiring and informative.

Find out about careers in the hospitality industry

The importance of Food Trends for chefs

Promoting Food & Drink Technologies Foundation Apprenticeships

Why do you need so many chefs?

Chefs discuss food provenance

Consider a career as a dairy farmer

Take the omelette challenge

For more information about careers in agriculture, you might find this page useful:
Lantra Scotland Careers

Some useful resources for land-based careers involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (or STEM):
Lantra Scotland Resources

Useful online resources about building a career in food and drink:
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The food & drink community at the heart of Fife