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From some of the finest restaurants in the country to a rich heritage of farming, Fife is renowned for delicious food.  Local Farmer, Butcher and Bacon Curer, Puddledub,  recently teamed up with EikCaffery Creative, Anstruther to showcase their part in Fife’s rich food story. The collaboration of these two Fife businesses will help to showcase the importance of eating local, not just from an economic and sustainability point of view, but also because food from Fife tastes delicious.

With the last year seeing a massive shift to online, many businesses, including Puddledub, had to adapt how they communicated with their customers. Tom Mitchell form Puddledub said “We were used to spending time with customers at farmers market telling them our story, about our happy pigs, our traditional curing methods, the family heritage and the importance of being able to trace where our food comes from. Suddenly with the pandemic, this stopped and customers were buying online, which has been fantastic however we didn’t want our story to get lost. Our customers still wanted to know what was happening on the farm and a video seemed like a great choice to share our passion for farming and food. ”

“We approached EikCaffery Creative as we felt that they would be able to capture our story and be able to highlight our award-winning products, produced here in Fife. Working with EikCaffery  was great as they love the products and were passionate about a sharing our story. Being Fife based has meant that they understand the unique story of Fife as a food producer.”

Aasta of EikCaffery Creative added, “We love living and working in Fife. Getting the chance to work with amazing local businesses to be part of sharing the work they do feels like such a privilege. We love Puddledub’s story so getting to meet the family and share what we saw with the wider public was the perfect project for us. We hope the work we have done communicates the passion for their business that we saw on the farm and introduces new customers to the amazing product they produce.”