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“Scottish Food Guide’s goals, standards and quality assurance are as rigorous and independent as ever.

My mission is to support and collaborate with the best producers, chefs and cooks in Scotland, and

promote Scotland as a world class food destination: one that values its natural beauty; uses its

resources sustainably and offers guests the warm hospitality that Scots are famous for.”

Wendy says, “Using latest technology and expert advice, self-empowerment is the way to go! My new

web designer has instructed me all the way through the process, providing excellent support and

training, giving me the additional skills and knowledge I need to give Members the top notch personal

service they deserve.”

Visitors can now access entries in numerous ways – perfect for visiting a region or a day’s drive in

the country. There is more detailed information and photography than before and significantly

increased optimizing for search engines.

As Wendy is a highly respected campaigner for local sustainable food, creating the award-winning & in 2002, this is the ‘go to’ site for


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