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Fish Friers Craig Hanlon and Iain Ritchie from Cromars Fish & Chip Shop in St Andrews are bidding to become Young Friers of the Year.


The two colleagues, who have worked at Cromars, for two years, and eighteen months respectively, have recently entered the contest, which is organised and run by Drywite Products.

Established in 1995, the competition is also supported by the National Fish Friers Federation and the Seafood Authority, who are involved in judging the entrants.


Drywite supply a whole range of products for the fish and chip shop industry, from potato preparation products, to sauces and condiments, cooking equipment and food processing products.


Over the next two months Craig and Iain will complete various stages of the competition before the cut off date of 30th June, with the winners announced over the summer. The first stage is to complete a written submission of twenty challenging questions on their thoughts on running a successful  chip shop, and why they should win the title.


Said Craig: “We are really excited about this competition and are delighted that we have made the effort to enter this and apply ourselves, as it is a great learning experience as well as a contest. We can bounce ideas off one another as we are entering together.”


“The competition is not just about demonstrating that you can fry fish well, it’s also about sustainability, a massive buzz word in the industry at the moment, and something we take very seriously indeed at Cromars, using MSC certified fish wherever possible,” he said. “It also paves the way for young fish friers like ourselves to eventually run and maintain our own businesses.”


“There are so many reasons for entering and doing well,” agreed Iain. “Winning can increase your shop turnover and provide worthy industry recognition. Another major benefit is that you gain valuable training visits to Cromars for the whole team, so others will benefit also. It really is the most prestigious award that a fish frier under twenty five years of age can win,” he said.


Both Craig and Iain have built up valuable experience working in Fish and Chip Shops before joining Cromars which is a former winner of Scottish Fish and Chip Shop of the Year.

Craig cut his teeth at the Anstruther Fish Bar and The Tailend in St Andrews, whilst Iain worked at the Central Bar in St Andrews.


“We love it here at Cromars,” said Craig, “there is always something going on and it’s great to be part of a multi award winning business which has made such a name for itself in only four years.”


“We are very customer focused and always considering ways to improve our menu and service.


You are also given a great deal of training and support to progress your career.”

“Ian and I also want to go on to complete some management training as that will be another valuable tool to have,” finished Craig.


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