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Based on our organic estate, you’d be a champion and advocate for integrity, quality and innovation, whilst taking responsibility for projects at Bowhouse in particular. We’re looking for someone who can manage the popular Bowhouse Food Weekends and develop a programme of other events and activities that will help Bowhouse to become a destination and build upon its reputation as a place where great food and drink is made and food lovers come together.


About Bowhouse

Balcaskie Estate is committed to cultivating and caring for the natural environment, nurturing local business and supporting our vibrant community.

The strategic intent is to add value to all aspects of the estate by developing quality of life, produce and environment. Bowhouse aims to replace a missing link in the food chain from farmer to consumer by providing dedicated space for producers to operate in as well as a large, covered market space where food makers and growers can showcase their produce at markets and other events.


If you’d like to get involved in this exciting role and are able to manage the practical operations of a creative events programme, we’d love to hear from you.

Email for a full job description.

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