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Zero Waste Scotland is hosting a webinar on Tuesday 30th June at 2pm dedicated to how you can cut costs by cutting food waste.

As coronavirus lockdown measures begin to ease, thousands of Scottish hospitality businesses will now be assessing how they can run their businesses safely and cost efficiently.

The real cost of food waste to Scottish businesses like yours is £215m per year. Reducing this presents an immediate and measurable, positive impact to businesses’ bottom line.

What’s more, these are cost-savings that are often in ‘plain sight’ and easy to implement.

Meanwhile, on the global stage food waste is a key contributor to climate change. If the world’s food waste and food loss were a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter after China & The USA.
From a Scottish perspective, food waste accounts for 5% of total waste by weight, but is responsible for 22% of all Scotland’s carbon impacts.

They will cover:

• The ‘real’ hidden cost of food waste to Scottish hospitality businesses
• A step-by-step guide for quickly and easily identifying sources of food waste in your business, and how to turn these into cost savings
• Three ‘quick wins’ for cutting food waste which you may not have considered; shared by MasterChef: The Professionals winner, Gary Maclean
• Further insights in the current climate from restaurateur and cook, Carina Contini
• Access to free-to-use tools to help you create a food waste reduction strategy
• An expert panel Q&A – ask questions to get instant advice

Guest speakers include:

• Gerry Boyle – Hospitality Sector Manager at Zero Waste Scotland Gerry will provide actionable guidance on how to build a food waste reduction strategy for your business, based on 15+ years working as a Manager & Operations Director in the Scottish restaurant industry.
• Gary Maclean, MasterChef: The Professionals Winner & Scotland’s National Chef. Former Executive Head Chef for Scottish multi-site operator – Buzzwork Holdings – Gary will share food waste ‘quick wins’ from behind the pass, that can be converted into cost-savings.
• Carina Contini – Cook, Restaurateur and Co-owner of the Contini Restaurants. Carina will share a wealth of insights in the current climate from her popular and long-established family business that’s focused on serving good, clean and fair food.

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