Scotland Food and Drink has surpassed original growth targets set by the industry – and the achievement comes six years early.


Now the ambitious new target is to achieve a turnover of £16.5bn by 2017 in one of the strongest performing sectors in Scotland’s economy


Scotland’s food and drink sales continue to soar to record highs and the independent leadership organisation has stated that its mission is to continue developing Scotland’s reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.


It stated that the industry also boasts the country’s fastest growing export sector with the total value of overseas food and drink exports having already increased by 52 per cent between 2007 and 2012.


The newly launched Scotland Food & Drink Export Plan has been developed jointly by the industry and government and aims to capitalise on the industry’s success by focusing on 15 key export markets.


Dr Karsten Karcher, CEO and founder of Pulsetta Foods, won the 2013 Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards for Healthy Eating and Profiting Through Research and has been a member of the organisation for a number of years.


She said that Scotland Food & Drink is the leading industry organisation for all food and drink companies in Scotland.

“We we at Pulsetta Foods are delighted to have been members since starting our business. The networking, support, meet the buyers, awards, and access to industry data are just some of the many superb services provided by the highly experienced and professional team at SF&D.


“If you are a food or drink organisation, I can only urge you to be part of this membership organisation and help shape the present and future of the industry in Scotland,” she said.


Scotland Food & Drink is the umbrella under which a wide range of industry development projects are delivered.


Together these projects create a family of activity, all of which is being delivered as part of the Land of Food and Drink vision.


The organisation’s ongoing Access to Markets activity develops business opportunities for food and drink companies within the UK through Meet the Buyer events, Learning Journeys and attendance at key events.


Business growth is underpinned by the market intelligence and information provided by the SF&D INSIGHTS team.  


Further projects under the SF&D umbrella cover reformulation, supply chain development and a nationwide Food & Drink Network.

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