A special FREE cookery demonstration using Fair Trade goods will be held in Cupar next week as a part of a national tour organised through the Co-op and Just Trading Scotland.

“Savour the Flavour – The African Kitchen Tour” (StF) is coming to the town’s YMCA/YWCA, and is open to existing co-operative members and anyone who registers on the membership website prior to the event (see link below).

StF is a joint initiative of Co-operative Membership in Scotland and Just Trading Scotland, which are both strong supporters of Fair Trade and joined forces in early 2011.

They developed an entertaining fair trade cooking event in partnership with Glasgow based African Restaurant, Calabash, and MasterChef finalist and author of Kids’ Kitchen, Fi Bird.

This entertaining, educational event lasts approximately two hours and provides participants with lots of useful tips and recipes on how best to combine JTS and Co-operative products through cooking demonstrations, tastings, quiz and recipe cards.

Information and product stands provide inspiration and ideas, giving everyone the opportunity to do something to support Scotland’s status as a Fair Trade Nation.

‘We are inviting Scottish communities to take up the challenge of increasing Scotland’s fair trade, especially with Malawi and Swaziland”, said a spokesperson..

The events are organised for Co-op members, giving them a fun evening whilst helping them to engage with some of the social goals of the Co-op Group.

In 2013 the organisers are engaging more with local Co-op food stores near the StF roadshow venues – hopefully food retail colleagues will have a presence offering tastings at the events.

The JTS products on sale at the roadshow events will be supplied through the Co-op membership and any sales made will benefit the local FT group where one exists.

Just Trading Scotland (JTS) is a fair trade business that provides sustainable incomes and wellbeing for smallholder farmers and small producers in the developing world to help them work their way out of poverty and unlock their own potential.

Cupar is itself a free trade town, and with a busy and popular co-operative store in the town centre it is one of only nine Scottish communities chosen to host the event.

Ingredients used in the entertaining and informative demonstrations will come from the local store and JTS.

The demonstration will take place on Wednesday May 29, starting at 7pm. People wishing to attend can register at www.co-operativememberevents.coop


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