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Recently, our member, Andrew Whitley from Scotland Scotland the Bread was filmed for  Zev Robinson’s documentary ‘Real Bread Bakers’.

Six interviewees took part and they talked about how bread-making, sourdough, local food, nutrition and a sense of community are all closely intertwined, and traces the real connections between rural, wheat growing areas and urban community projects in deprived neighbourhoods.

Personal stories, history and bread making practices are intricately interwoven with shots of leading bakers expertly plying their craft, mouth-watering Wild Hearth Bakery products, archival material and more to give a comprehensive view of the many wonderful aspects of bread making.

We are delighted to share with you that Zev has organised a screening and live panel discussion on Wednesday, August 12 from 7pm to 8:30 UK time.

Renowned author, campaigner and teacher Andrew Whitley will be joined by Catriona Milligan and Marie McCormack of High Rise Bakers, and Matt Fountain, director of Freedom Bakery  for a Zoom panel discussion about the Real Bread Bakers documentary, and one of its central themes of bread and community.

Zev Robinson will be moderating the event as well as answering questions about the documentary itself.

The price is £4.00 or more, 50% of which will go to Locavore’s “Initiatives Fund” which is used to support non-income generating activities such as the provision of emergency food and support of their New Growers scheme.

Locavore is a food shop in Glasgow that has been central in improving and supporting the city’s food system, and its director Reuben Chesters will make a short introduction about their activities.

Viewers will be sent a link to the Zoom event a few days before the discussion.