Well known Fife brewer and beer historian John Reade has been hard at work, and results will seen at this weekend’s opening of the Abbot Brew House at the heritage centre in the heart of Dunfermline.

Crafted in the shadow of Dunfermline Abbey, John’s beers include Old Dunfermline Nut Brown, Guild Ale, Adverturess, Scottish Heather Honey, and Pot Stirrer.

Saturday’s opening, on the theme “Party like it’s 1699….”, will run between 3-8pm and promises beer, food, fun, and a taste of history.

The activities will include beer tasting, prizes, medieval specialities, and a family friendly pub quiz.

Visitors will be able to try the five beers from the cask, plus a range of Abbot Brew House bottle conditioned beers.

Abbot Brew House, partly funded by Tennent’s Caledonian Seed Fund, has transformed an under-used outbuilding owned by Abbot House Heritage Centre into a dynamic 17th-century-style brew house.

It will operate as a centre to educate local people and visitors about the process of brewing in the pre-industrial era.

The project has been led by John and Abbot House Heritage Director, Dr Devon McHugh.

The event is free of charge, and open to the public.

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