The 2012 design for Cairnie Fruit Farm’s famous Mega Maze visitor attraction is firmly aimed at capturing the spirit of the London Olympics.

The highly popular farm just to the north of Cupar has, in its own words, “jumped on the nation’s bandwagon” with a stunning layout.

When the maze is ready for use later this summer visitors will be able to work out the intricacies of an athlete running with the Olympic torch.

Cairnie’s Cameron Laird said that the design not only represents the excitement of the upcoming games, but ‘sport’ in general. 

“It sits well with the Cairnie message about a healthy, wholesome, outdoor, action packed day out.  

“In fact, we are planning our own mini – Olympics, and details will be published closer to the actual event in July”

The farm shop will be merchandised to reflect the 2012 Olympics, and a new feature in the Funyard this season is the Cairnie Cresta Run grass bob sleigh run.

The maze, sown in maize, grows to a height in excess of 8 feet, and grows at the astonishing average rate of an inch per day.

By mid July, when it officially opens, it will already be 4-5 feet high.

The artistically designed labyrinth of pathways and blind alleys extend over 6 acres. Like all maize mazes the Cairnie Mega Maze will only have a short life before being harvested in October and fed to the cattle.

Cairnie opened its doors to the public on March 30, just in time to catch the school holidays and forthcoming Easter weekend celebrations.

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