Scottish schools will be providing more food education for pupils thanks to a newly launched £1 million fund.

Supporting the aims of Curriculum for Excellence, the Food for Thought Education Fund will help pupils learn about all aspects of food.

The fund, which is being promoted throughout Fife to create a legacy for years to come, will encourage teachers to develop projects inspired by major events planned for Scotland in 2014.

These include the Year of Homecoming, the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup.

Food education is a key strand of Scotland’s National Food and Drink Policy and funding of up to £5,000 will be available to teachers to support at least 200 projects over 2013-15.

Each project will be topped-up with a direct financial or in-kind contribution from the private sector.

Schoools taking part in Fife are being encouraged to make contact with the the Fife Food Network’s “Food from Fife” initiative for help in linking to producers and sourcing information.

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead said:

“Making sure that Scottish pupils know where their food comes from, how it affects their health and the environment as well as our nation’s economy is vital. It’s particularly relevant now as we’re seeing people becoming increasingly interested in the provenance of their food.

“But this is not just about learning about food’s journey from farm to fork. It’s about helping our young, through the topic of food, engage with the exciting events of 2014 where activities such as the Commonwealth Games put our nation on the world stage.

“It also provides a great opportunity for working across disciplines in schools giving pupils a chance to learn about subjects as varied as the logistics and food safety implications of providing food and drink at the Commonwealth Games to how our food has changed in the centuries since Bannockburn.

“Partnership working with local businesses is also key to helping pupils learn about food. It will give them a taste of the opportunities offered by food beyond the classroom door, transferring into skills for learning, life and work.

“I’m delighted that Scottish Business in the Community will work with successful projects to help them find private sector support – both to increase the funds available and to develop productive relationships between schools and local firms.”

Kenneth Muir, Strategic Director (Schools) and Director of Inspection at Education Scotland, said that the Food for Thought Education Fund will give practitioners scope to explore food education across Curriculum for Excellence.

“Food is something we can all relate to. It is a powerful context for interdisciplinary learning and to help children and young people investigate a wide range of issues.”

Mark Laing, Managing Director at Nairn’s Oatcakes, said that Nairn’s is delighted to have been working with schools in its local area for many years.

“The Nairn’s Challenge has inspired hundreds of young people to learn through food.

“From health to marketing and baking, it has been an excellent and positive way for our business to engage with the local community,” he said.

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