A stunning new mini-guide featuring some of Fife’s best food has been produced thanks to cooperation between the Fife Food Network and Fife Council.

The guide highlights some of the first members of the network’s Food from Fife initiative, and contains a wonderful mix of information, recipes and photographs.

An introduction to the booklet is provided by Fife Food Network chair Toby Anstruther, who celebrates the region’s varied food and drink offering.

He said that there are many places in the world where the idea of Buy Local, Eat Local would be difficult to live out.

“In Fife, we are blessed with some of the best seafood, fruit, meat and vegetables in the whole world, and we have been rightly famed for them for more than 1000 years.

“Working alongside Fife Council we are delighted to involved in the production of this booklet.

“We hope that it will help you to explore our region and its many culinary delights,” he said.

The new booklet, which complements the first two edition of the Fife Larder, can be read online via the link below

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