Newburgh chef and businesswoman Stella Collelouri is about to take over the tearoom concession at a stunning Edwardian mansion near Cupar.

She is basing her operations at the National Trust for Scotland’s Hill of Tarvit property, which is also home to the highly popular Kingarrock Hickory Golf Course.

Stella will take over the tearoom, which she intends to run on an Edwardian theme, under the business name Hatters & Co.

Already well known in Fife food circles, Stella came to Fife from London, where her father was the archetypal, passionate Italian chef and restaurant owner.

She told “Food from Fife” that as far back as she can remember food was the centre of the family’s world.

When she was in her late teens her father bought his second restaurant in Maida Vale and this was where her passion was truly ignited.

“I didn’t immediately take to front of house work, but quickly found my comfort zone in the kitchens among frayed tempers and crashing pots.

“There was a wonderful magic in the midst of it all, and my love affair with food began when I was just 18”

When she came north Stella moved around the local foodie world gathering experience, sharing ideas and most importantly, making friends.

Her venues included Brennan’s in Perth; The Baiglie Inn (with Tom McConnell); Glenfarg Hotel (where she became head chef); and a couple of happy, innovative years at The Crees Inn in Abernethy.

She then went on to open Hatters Tearoom on Newburgh’s High Street, and she moved on as her outside catering work went from strength to strength. Now Stella caters for an array of events including Masons’ dinners, Elizabethan themed evenings, Burns suppers, weddings and dinner parties. She is deeply involved in local food initiatives and is planning a series of gourmet wild food forays in the coming year.

“Now I can combine all my passions in one place. I will be able to combine my love of local produce and great food, and an innovative and creative approach, in one of the most perfect Edwardian houses in Scotland”

Stella has offered a talented young chef, already a part of her growing catering business, the opportunity to have a stake in the new venture.

The tearoom will be open to the public on 1st April at 11.00 and thereafter every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.



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