St Andrews Brewing Co. has celebrated the opening of its new brewery by teaming up with local wine, spirits & beer specialist Luvians Bottleshop.

The result is the very first commercially made beer to be brewed within St Andrews since the Argyle Brewery ceased brewing in 1901.

 St Andrews (Very) Special is a deep gold, hoppy, imperial pale ale that comes in at a hefty 7% abv.  

Twenty individually numbered limited edition one litre ‘magnum’ bottles have been produced.

They are hand painted by local artist Susan McGill and signed by St Andrews Brewing Co. founder Bob Phaff & Luvians Bottleshop manager Archie McDiarmid.

The first bottle is being presented to St Andrews Musuem and kept for posterity, bottle number 2 will be auctioned for a local charity, while the remaining eighteen of these bottles will be available for sale exclusively at Luvians Bottleshop and St Andrews Brewing Co. Taphouse.

The beer will also be on tap exclusively at St Andrews Brewing Co. Taphouse on South Street, and a small batch of limited edition 330ml bottleswill be available at Luvians Bottleshop and selected beer specialists across Scotland. 


Tasting notes (provided by St Andrews Brewing Co. Founder Bob Phaff)  

Appearance: Clear, dark gold, almost copper.

Aroma: Fresh, citrusy, with a touch of tropical fruit and some pine

Taste: Citrus & tropical fruit, balanced with a bitter hoppy edge and malty backbone.

Overall: Taking the award winning Crail ale as our inspiration we amplified its big, robust, grapefruit & citrus origins, but with the addition of a floral earthy note.


Suggested Food Pairings (provided by Luvians Bottleshop Manager Archie McDiarmid)

The relatively light malt flavour and big grapefruit/citrus hop flavor & floral aroma means the St Andrews Very Special will work with a really wide range of foods;

A really good burger or sausage & mash. It will pair up well with mild to slightly-sharp cheeses – a good dod of Anster from St Andrews Cheese Co (whose cows feed on the spent mash from the brewery) would be perfect.

For dessert, sweet, somewhat heavy desserts will be a nice contrast to the hop flavor and light bitterness, but stay away from chocolate here – rich, unctuous chocolate would really clash with the lightly sweet and hoppy flavours of the beer. Stick to things like bread & butter pudding or nice fruity cheesecake.



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