The annual fruit markets in Newburgh move into their next phase today as the town’s thousands of apples and pears come into season.

The first of three apple and pear markets will be held in High Street near the Laing Library, and the final weekly session will be on October 12. The markets run between 9.30am and noon.

Operated by the busy Newburgh Orchard Group, the markets are held in the centre of town, right on the main street, and they will be offering some of the town’s crops of apples, pears and plums.

In one bumper year recently 3000lbs of fruit and 600 jars of jam were sold.

The area’s connection to organised fruit growing dates back to 1191, when Lindores Abbey was founded by monks from France.

Their fruit was eaten locally, supplied to the Scottish royal court at Falkland, and also made into alcohol. A 2003 survey looked at over 800 trees in nearly 70 locations, and found a number of varieties of pears, plums and apples

Further information about the group can be found at

The photograph shows some lovely Newburgh apples


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