Primary school teachers in Fife still have the chance to work with their pupils on a “grow your own potatoes” project.

The initiative involves kit provided by the British Potato Council, with the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) Fife bringing farmers into schools and arranging farm visits. 

Launched in 2005, Grow Your Own Potatoes (GYOP) was one of the first primary school based growing projects, and this year’s registration closes on Thursday January 31.

Since then it has become the largest of its kind, with almost one million children signed up nationwide each year.

RHET Fife’s Carole Brunton said that through the scheme youngsters are able to learn where potatoes come from, how they grow, and their role as a healthy food in a balanced diet.

She added that the scheme’s simplicity, and the fact that GYOP is a hands on activity, makes it perfect for young pupils.

Carole said that all teachers have to do is register their schools to receive a free potato growing kit, then use the supporting lesson plans and worksheets for growing starting in February next year.

Teachers can register for the growing kits, and contact Carole to have a farmer come in to talk to pupils and help plant potatoes. Farm visits will be available later in the 2013.

For further information please contact Carole on (01333-310523) or her colleague Katrina Barclay on (0131 335 6227)

Registration closes on January 31



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