Fruit from Fife is to be used this summer in products made by the well known Cuddybridge Apple Juice business in the Scottish borders.

Apples from the glorious orchards at Kellie Castle and Falkland Palace, both run by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS), will be used in the juice.
Owner Graham Stoddard, whose business lies close to the old Cuddy Bridge at Innerleithen, has gained national acclaim for his work with apples from across the UK and the southern hemisphere.

He is always on the lookout for new suppliers, and this week he told “Food From Fife” that the two local properties are part of an arrangement he has made with the NTS in relation to all of its properties.

“It will depend somewhat upon the apple crop this year, but I’m sure there will be enough.

“We will have a better idea about crop size after the trees have flowered.
“Each NTS property is run on its own and as a way of using the fruit some hold apple days and apple shops during the autumn.

“The beauty of pressing means that they can still use the apples but they have a shelf life of four months, instead of about three weeks”

Graham said that the NTS has just completed an inventory of all the fruit trees in the whole of Scotland, and he will soon be given the details.
In general terms he said that the apple juice world has “suddenly realised that Easter and better weather are coming”, and people want to get ready for it.

Further details about the business can be found at

The photograph shows Graham Stoddart at Cuddybridge

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