The Eden Brewery, located on the site of the former Guardbridge Paper Mill near St Andrews, has announced plans for a significant expansion.

Managing director Paul Miller has revealed that the brewery is set to spend another £300,000 in doubling its production of craft beers to around 16,000 bottles per week.

The brewery, a member of “Food from Fife”, will be able to grow its brewing operation by moving storage into an adjoining building, and it is hoped that job numbers can be increased from the present level of 10 to 16.

He said that the site is owned by the University of St Andrews, which had been very supportive as the plans progressed.

“The university is very keen to work with us, partly because of the sustaInability side to our business.

“We will be looking as far as possible to continue using up to 80% of locally sourced barley, and will still be recycling our spent grains through the farm at nearby Seggie,” said Paul.

He added that the brewery lies on a site with a rich history of brewing and distilling, and will be able to welcome a limited number of visitors.

“We want to make it as pleasant as possible for people to come and see what we do, and how our craft beers are brewed.

 “We realise that the brewery is a working  site, but small groups will be able to come by appointment, enjoy a tour, taste our beers or perhaps even participate in the brewing process.

“Extra office space is needed, and we will be combining this with a facility that will allow visitors to have somewhere pleasant to sit after their tour.

“We have developed a range of story boards which help depict the site, its rich history, anecdotes and stories. We also have a fascinating painting which shows the site with a working distillery in 1855.

“Later in the summer we will also have a small booklet that will bring more of the local stories to light, and describe some of the history of brewing and distilling across the St Andrews area,” said Paul.

The Eden Brewery range started with five beers, and now there are eleven which include new  “Oak Aged” beers matured in Jamacian rum, bourbon and whisky barrels.

“We are working flat out to keep up with demand , and are selling them at twice the rate we expected.”


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